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Oral Hygiene Tips After Dental Surgery

Posted by: Nancy SEO on: September 28, 2017

If you’re scheduled to have dental surgery in our Glendale offices, you likely have a lot of questions about what your recovery will be like. While each dental surgery comes with its unique set of post-operation instructions that you should follow to a “T,” there are some standard oral hygiene tips that you should follow […]

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How Can I Correct an Underbite?

Posted by: Nancy SEO on: August 30, 2017

If you or your child has an underbite, you should rest assured that there are a few different procedures that can correct the issue for good. For young patients born with an underbite, dental surgery may not be required, and correcting an underbite often includes one of the following non-surgical procedures: An Upper Jaw Expander […]

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5 Diseases and Conditions That Are Treated by Oral Surgery

Posted by: Nancy SEO on: June 29, 2017

Often, when patients in our Glendale offices are told they need oral surgery, they’re surprised. The main reason for the shock is that so many dental patients just don’t realize how many different oral surgery procedures there are, and how many different diseases and conditions can be treated by oral surgery. At the office of […]

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5 Tips On Caring For Your Dentures

Posted by: Lisa Flores on: August 8, 2016

Dentures are a good solution to restore a smile. Over time, we may become lazy with brushing and other dental hygiene, or have had incidents where we have lost some of our teeth. This is perfectly normal, and a lot of Americans deal with these issues. Fortunately, we live in a time where dentures are […]

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Sometimes Dentures Make Speaking Clearly Difficult. What Are Your Options?

Posted by: Lisa Flores on: July 29, 2016

There might be a couple of reasons why you are considering dentures. You could’ve potentially lost one or more teeth and need dentures as a replacement. Maybe you don’t like the appearance of your front teeth and would prefer a more aesthetically pleasing look. Possibly, your teeth are damaged, and you’d rather have replacements to […]

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Are Immediate Dental Implants as Strong as Natural Teeth?

Posted by: Lytle, Tate and Stamper on: December 21, 2015

When considering dental surgery to replace a damaged tooth, you may find yourself asking if immediate dental implants as strong as natural teeth. Dentures and implants inserted with older techniques lack the biting and chewing power of natural teeth. If immediate dental implants are required, it’s natural to assume you’re making a compromise in quality […]

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